Living English Every Day – March 2015


How to Say a Compliment (Appearance Part I)

02/03/15    You are so handsome/ beautiful/ pretty.

03/03/15  Wow! You weren’t lying when you said that you were hitting the gym.

04/03/15  I love your eyes. And I just get lost in it.

05/03/15  People can’t keep their eyes off of you.


How to Say a Compliment (Appearance part II)

09/03/15  Your voice is feminine/ masculine.

10/03/15  Honestly, you are the way hotter than Justin Bebier/ Taylor Swift.

11/03/15  What are you wearing? You smell magnificent.

12/03/15  You really rock that shirt/trousers.

13/03/15  Your hair reminds me of the wave of the sea. It’s great.


How to Say a Compliment (Personality)

16/03/15  You are the funniest/ sweetest thing I’ve ever met.

17/03/15  I love the way you are.

18/03/15  I always feel safe when I’m around you. You are so handy.

19/03/15  I couldn’t be more comfortable around you. You are really nice.

20/03/15  You always know exactly what to say.


How to Say a Compliment (Ability)

23/03/15  Is there anything you can’t do? You did such a great job!

24/03/15  You always give the best advice.

25/03/15  You can always get the job done.

26/03/15  Thank you for helping me today. I really appreciate it.