Living English Every Day – September


Welcome Back

040913    Nice to see you again.  How was your holiday?

                   Couldn’t be better.  I joined a summer camp to Canada.  

050913     Sounds like you had the ideal holiday. 

                   You’re right.  I have made lots of new friends.

060913     I had the worst holiday ever.  Believe it or not, I spent most of the time in the hospital!


New Year Aspiration

090913    What’s your aspiration/ goal/ ambition of this new year?

100913    I aspire to be the best that I can be.

110913     I want to be popular in school.

120913     I want to excel academically in school.

130913     I want to kick all my bad habits and learn to become more conscientious about my work.


Asking for help

160913    Would you mind showing me the way to the library?

                No problem.  I’d be glad to.

170913    Can you spare me a few minutes?

                Sorry.  I’m (kind of) busy now.

180913   Could you do me a favor?

                Sure.  Anything.  What do you need?

190913     Do you have a minute?

                I’m sorry.  I don’t have time right now.


Talking about teachers

230913    My teacher is very patient.  She spends lots of time solving our problems.

240913    Mr. Brown is very experienced.  He has been teaching in our school for 20 years.

250913    Ms. White is so creative.  Her lessons are always full of fun and innovative activities.

260913   Ms. Black is very encouraging.  She always helps us overcome the obstacle.

300913    Mr. Bean possesses a good sense of humor.  We always can’t help laughing in his lessons.