Living English Every Day – May 2015

Idioms about Clothing

04-05-2015  Do something off the cuff

Meaning: To do something without a plan.


 05-05-2015  Take one’s hat off to somebody

Meaning: To respect somebody.


06-05-2015  Scare the pants off

Meaning: To scare extremely.


07-05-2015   Fly by the seat of somebody’s pants

Meaning: To do something difficult without necessary skills.


08-05-2015  If the shoe fits, wear it.

Meaning: When an unflattering remark applies to you, you should accept it.


Idioms about Body (Part I)


11-05-2015   Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Extremely expensive.


12-05-2015  Be glad to see the back of somebody

Meaning: Be happy when a person leaves.


13-05-2015   An eye for an eye

Meaning: If someone does something wrong, they should receive the same punishment.


14-05-2015  Does not have a leg to stand on

Meaning: People do not have enough evidence to support their argument.


15-05-2015   Keep one’s eyes peeled

Meaning: Be highly cautious and pay full attention to something.


Idioms about Body (Part II)


18-05-2015   Ears are burning

Meaning: If your ears are burning, you imagine a message being sent to you.


19-05-2015   Off the top of somebody’s head

Meaning: If you do something off the top of your head, you do it without any preparation.


20-05-2015   Break a leg!

Meaning : To give a blessing to someone especially actors and actresses.


21-05-2015   Bite my tongue

Meaning : Do not speak a word of something.


22-05-2015   Get cold feet

Meaning: Be uncomfortable about doing something.


Idioms about Animals


26-05-2015   A Cash Cow

Meaning: A cash cow is a product which can make a lot of money.



27-05-2015   It is raining cats and dogs.

Meaning: It is raining very heavily.


28-05-2015   As the crow flies

Meaning: To describe the distance in a straight line between two places.


29-05-2015  Kill two birds with one stone

Meaning: To finish two tasks at the same time.