Living English Every Day – October

Not giving your opinion

131002           I couldn’t say.

131003           I really don’t know what to say.

131004           You’re asking the wrong person.


Expressing Likes

131007            I’m a big fan of Japanese food.

131008            I’m crazy about AKB48.

131009            I’m really into Super Junior.

131010            There’s nothing I like more than reading.

131011            You can’t beat a good Thai food.



131015           A: Are you late for school?

                        B: Sorry, I won’t be late again.

131016           A: Are you late for school?

                        B: No, I was detained by the DC teachers as my hair is too long.

 131017          A: Why are you late for class?

                        B: Sorry, I was helping Mr/Miss ______.

131018           A: Would you mind switching on the TV?

                        B: Not at all. / Of course not.


Asking for help at general office

131021           A: Excuse me.  I’d like to buy a mask/ a pair of socks, please.

                        B: Okay, please wait.

131022           A: Excuse me.  I’m sick.  I’d like to lie down in the sick room.

                        B: What’s wrong with you?

131023           A: Excuse me.  I need a bandage.

                        B: Okay, just a minute.  Here you are.

131024           A: Excuse me.  I feel better now.

                        B: Okay, I will give you the form to take back to class.

131025           A: Excuse me.  I feel sick.  Can I apply for an early leave?

                        B: Okay, you may sit down first.  Let us help you call your parent.


Saying somebody is happy

131028           He’s very pleased.

131029           We’re having the time of our life.

131030           I’m over the moon.

131031           They’re on cloud nine.