Living English Every Day – September 2015

Quotes for World War II 70th Anniversary

040915  Give peace a chance.

070915  Use your words,  not your fists.

080915  Don’t punch or hit. Use your wit.

090915  Give respect. Get respect.

100915  For a more peaceful day, war is not the way.

110915  We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.


New Year Wishes

140915  Let bygones be bygones and have a new start.

150915   Cheers for a new semester and another chance to get it right.

160915   Never quit in front of new challenges.

170915   Make new friends and receive new impulse.

180915   Let’s write down colourful remarks on the book of future.



The Mid-autumn Festival

210915     The beam of the full moon creeps into my room.

220915     The bright paper lanterns scattering in the park are like stars in the sky.

230915     Enjoy a reunion with your family and spend the quality time together.

240915     Egg custard mooncake is my favourite.

250915     I can’t say no to snow skin mooncakes.

290915    Traditional mooncake is a perfect companion of hot black tea.

300915    Don’t spoil the full-moon night with wax burning.