Living English Every Day – February 2016

Joyful moments of Chinese Lunar New Year

160202  I will go back to my home town to play firecrackers.


160203 You can’t miss the dancing lions and parading dragons.


160215 The busy street will soon swarm with happy noises of drums and gongs.


160216 It’s time to have a family reunion dinner.


160217 It’s a must to watch the fireworks displays over Victoria Harbour.


160218 Let’s decorate our home in red and gold.


160219 My mother will buy some auspicious plants from the flower market.


160222 My grandma will visit temples to pray for good fortune.


160223 I will definitely hang the citrus on the wishing trees.


160224 There are different kinds of candies and melon seeds in the candy box.


160225 We hope the peach blossoms will bring us good fortune.


160229  I will eat steamed sticky cake so that I can grow taller this year.