Living English Every Day – March 2016

Origin of Easter

160301   Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


160302   One of Jesus’ disciples betrayed him.


160303   Jesus was killed by being nailed to a cross.


160304   Jesus came back to life and left his tomb empty.


Customs of Easter

160307    People like decorating Easter eggs.


160308    The Easter bunny is believed to deliver Easter eggs to people.


160309    At Easter, children receive a lot of egg-shaped chocolate in a decorated basket.


160310   The Easter bunny will be rewarded with carrots after delivering the eggs.


160311    On Good Friday, Christian people will attend a church service.


Easter Celebrations around the World

160314    In Spain, people like dressing in characteristic robes at Easter.


160315    In Rome, Christians will gather and listen to messages of the Pope.


160316    In Jerusalem, people walk the same path that they believe Jesus took.


160317     In the Philippines, people cleanse their sins by carrying a cross in a parade.


160331     In Indonesia, someone is chosen to play Jesus and tied to a cross.