Living English Every Day – April 2016

 Living Expressions on Lifestyle

01/04/16  I must get rich so as to live in clover for the rest of my life.

05/04/16  Our flat is very small and we need to live cheek by jowl.

06/04/16  Paul doesn’t want to lose face. He keeps up appearances even though he is poor.

07/04/16  I don’t make a lot of money, just enough to keep the wolf from the door.

08/04/16  David lost his job and he lives on the breadline.

11/04/16  The government officials seem living in an ivory tower and they don’t know what people think.

12/04/16  Susan’s job involves a lot of travelling and she lives out of suitcase.

13/04/16  Paul likes dangerous games and he is living on the edge.

14/04/16  Quitting smoking offers Mary a new lease of life.

15/04/16  Tom is poor and he has to work two jobs to make ends meet.


Living Expressions on Food and Drink

18/04/16  A child is the apple of his parent’s eye.

19/04/16  John likes cleaning and his house is always in apple-pie order.

20/04/16  If you quit school now, your parent will definitely go bananas.

21/04/16  Although John is 60 years old, he is still full of beans and do a lot volunteer work.

22/04/16  Banning street vendors is to take the bread out of their mouths.

25/04/16  Simon spends a lot of time buttering his boss up to get a promotion.

26/04/16  The English test was so easy. It’s a piece of cake for me.

27/04/16  He earns a little but buys a sports car. He has champagne taste over beer budget.

28/04/16  John’s father is a big cheese as he is the most powerful person in the company.

29/04/16  A car without an engine is as useful as a chocolate tea pot.