Living English Every Day – April 2017

Making an emphasis

170405           You are absolutely right. (100% sure)

170406           His words make perfect sense to me. (His words are totally right)

170407           We’ve done this a million times. (We’ve done this for many times)

170410            I thanked him an awful lot. (I really thanked him)

170411           I laughed incredibly hard last night that I almost died. (I laughed very hard)


Ball sports expressions

170424            He stole the ball and made a three-point shot. (Basketball)

170425            Don’t be a ball-hog! Pass the ball! (Basketball)

170426            The referee gave the player a red card. The game is going to penalty kicks. (Football)

170427            He hit a header into the goal! That’s awesome! (Football)

170428            That was a hard overhead smash. He really has a smooth forehand. (Tennis)