Living English Every Day – May 2017

Expressions used in emergencies

170502               Officer! Can you help me? I think I’ve lost my wallet.

170504               I’ve just had a car accident. I need help right now.

170505               Everyone gets out! There’s a fire!


Asking for help

170508               ‘Do you mind doing me a favor?’

170509               ‘Can you give me a hand?’

170510               ‘Could you spare me a few minutes?’

170511               ‘Would you mind opening the door for me?’

170512               ‘If you are not too busy, can you run some errands for me?’


Travelling by bus

170515             ‘Do you know which bus to get to the Science Museum?’ ‘You need to take No. 171.’

170516             ‘Can you tell me which stop to get off at?’ ‘Get off at the Mong Kok Station.’

170517             ‘How much is it to get to the city centre by bus?’ ‘It costs five dollars.’

170518             ‘How often does this bus come by?’ ‘It comes every half an hour on Saturdays.’

170519             ‘How do I get to the beach by bus?’ ‘Catch the No. 12 bus and then transfer at the Bank Tower.’


Talking about TV programmes

170522             ‘What’s on TV tonight?’ ‘There’s a comedy show on channel 82 tonight.’

170523             This is the first episode of the drama series ‘Prison Break’.

170524             This reality show got high ratings. It’s quite popular among teenagers now.

170525             Change the channel please. There’s a commercial break.

170526             ‘What’s your favourite kind of TV show?’ ‘I really love dramas.’


Motivational Quotes

170529             ‘It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.’  – Albert Einstein

170531            ‘Recipe for success: study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.’ – William A. Ward