Living English Every Day – November 2017

Buying clothes – finding the right size

06/11 – “Is that a good fit?” “It’s just right / They’re just right.”

07/11 – “Is that a good fit?” “It doesn’t fit / They don’t fit.”


Buying clothes – making a choice

08/11 – “How do they feel?” “They feel too tight.”

09/11 – “Do they feel comfortable?” “They feel just right.”

10/11 – “What do you think of these?” “I like them / I don’t like them.”

13/11 – “What are these made of?” “They are made of cotton.”

14/11 – “Are these washable?” “No, they have to be dry-cleaned.”

15/11 – “I’ll take it / I’ll take them / I’ll take this / I’ll take these.”


At a coffee shop

16/11 – “Hello, welcome to the Coffee House. How are you today?”

“Hello, I’m pretty good. How are you?”

17/11 – “I’m great, thanks for asking. What can I get for you today?”

“Can I get a large coffee please. With cream and sugar.”

20/11 – “Yes, is that all for you today?”


21/11 – “Would you like to try our new chocolate scone?”

“No, thank-you.”

22/11 – “Alright. One large coffee. That will be £2.50. Will that be cash or card?

“Card please.

23/11 – “Please key in your pin number and press enter. Here’s your receipt.”


24/11 – “Please wait at the counter over there for your coffee. Have a nice day!”

“Thank-you. You too.”


At McDonalds

29/11 – “Hello, can I take your order?”

“Yes, thanks. I’d like a filet-o-fish combo please.”

30/11 – “What drink would you like?”

“I would like Sprite, please.”