Living English Every Day – December 2017

At McDonalds

1/12 – “Would you like to dine in or takeaway?”           “Dine in, please.”

4/12 – “Will you be paying by card or cash today?”          “Cash, thanks.”

5/12 – “That will be £4 pounds, please. Here’s your change and receipt. Please wait at the counter over there for your order             “Thank-you.”

Small talk – talking about the weather

6/12 – “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

7/12 – “Can you believe all this rain we’ve been having?”

8/12 – “It sure would be nice to be in Thailand right now!”

11/12 – “I hear they’re forecasting thunderstorms all week.”

12/12 – “We couldn’t ask for a nicer day, could we?”

13/12 – “How about this weather?”

Small talk – taking about current events

14/12 – “Did you catch the news today?”

15/12 – “Did you hear about that accident on Fourth Street?”

18/12 – “I read in the paper that the SearsMall is closing.”

19/12 – “What do you think about the transit strike?”

20/12 – “I heard on the radio today that they are finally going to start building the new bridge.”

21/12 – “How about those Celtics? Do you think they are going to win tonight?”