Living English Every Day – April 2018


What does failure mean to you?

9/4   Failure is only when nothing is learned from the failure.

10/4  Failure is when I do not reach my goal.

11/4  I think failure is not reaching your potential.

12/4  If you fail, you can learn from a valuable lesson from your mistake.

13/4  I will figure out what I could change to avoid making the same mistake again.


Do you work well under pressure?

16/4  I work well under pressure because I use the pressure to help me work more efficiently.

17/4  I work the same if there’s pressure or no pressure.

18/4  I use pressure as a tool to motivate me to work harder and more efficiently.

19/4  I work hard regardless of down time or busy time.

20/4  If we love what we do, we never feel the pressure.


Why did you quit your job?

23/4  I quit my job because I didn’t have room to grow with my previous post.

24/4  I want to look for more challenges.

25/4  I would prefer to work close to my home.

26/4  I am seeking a position with a stable company.

27/4  I recently obtained a certificate and I want to utilize my knowledge in my next position.

30/4  I was laid-off from my last position due to downsizing.