Living English Every Day – May 2018

Going aboard

2/5  I’d like to check in.

3/5  How many bags would you like to check in?

4/5   Could I have a blanket please?



7/5    “What is the purpose of your visit? “


8/5    “How long are you going to stay here?”

“About a week.”


Security Check

9/5    Your passport, please.

10/5   “Do you have anything to declare?”

“No, I have nothing to declare.”


In The Hotel

11/5   I would like a single room for one night, please.

14/5   Is breakfast included?

15/5   I would like to have a double bed room.

16/5   Could you keep some valuables for me?


In The Restaurant

17/5   I’d like to try some local dishes.

18/5   What do you recommend?

21/5   Bill, please.


Public Transport

23/5   Is this the right bus for downtown?

24/5   How long does it take to get downtown?

25/5   Could you tell me when I get to the zoo?

28/5   How can I get to the zoo?


Taking Photos

29/5   Do you mind if I take a picture?

30/5   Excuse me, could you please take our picture?



31/5   Can you change this?