Living English Every Day – February 2019

Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

1 February – Children pick up languages very quickly. (learn something)

14 February – I often pick up some milk on my way home. (buy something)

15 February – I think I’ve picked up a cold. (get an illness)

19 February – I’ll pick you up at the airport next week. (take someone in a vehicle)

20 February – Could you pick up the pen for me? (lift up something)

21 February – Let’s pick up the conversation where we left off yesterday. (start something again)

22 February – Pick up all the books after you’ve finished reading. (tidy, put in order)

26 February – The wind will pick up in the evening. (to increase or improve)

27 February –The police picked him up within an hour. (arrest someone)

28 February – He picked himself up after his wife left him. (recover from a setback)