Living English Every Day – May 2019

Useful expressions used at train station         

2 May              Could you tell me where the nearest train station is?

3 May              Where is the ticket office?

7 May              Where are the ticket machines?

8 May              What time is the next train to …?

9 May              How much is a (single/return) ticket to …?

10 May            I’d like a (single/return) ticket to …, please.

14 May            Which line do I need for …?

15 May           Which platform do I need for …?

16 May           Do I have to change train?

17 May           Does this train stop at…?

21 May           Is this the right platform for …?

22 May            Is this seat free? / Is this seat taken? / Do you mind if I sit here?

23 May            The train is delayed. / The train has been cancelled.

24 May           I’ve lost my ticket.

28/May            I left my bag on the train.

29 May            My Octopus card ran out of value.

30 May            Where can I top up my Octopus card?

31 May            I would like to put $200 on it.