Living English Every Day – December

Illustrating your point

02/12/13          Our neighbor is a real show off. For example, he drives a Rolls-Royce.

03/12/13          He is really good at playing basketball. For instance, he scored 50 points in the previous match.

04/12/13         My auntie is really good at cooking. Look at the way she cooks Peking duck.

11/12/13          She is a really good dancer. See the way she moves her body.

12/12/13          The party was a disaster. To give you an idea – only three people came.

13/12/13          The deadline is tonight. That is to say, you must finish it before 12.


Giving a choice

16/12/13     It’s your decision.

17/12/13      It’s up to you.

18/12/13     Make up your own mind.

19/12/13          The choice is yours.