Living English Every Day – September 2019

At School

4 September            What school do you go to?

5 September          I go to HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial Secondary School, founded in 1990.

6 September            Where is the school located?

10 September         It’s located in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong.

11 September         Do you like the facilities at the school?

12 September         Yes, we have many basketball courts and a football field.  

13 September          Do you like the school uniform?

17 September         How long have you been studying there?

18 September          I have been studying at FYK for three years.

19 September         Is it a single-sex school?

20 September         No, it isn’t. It’s a co-ed school.

24 September         What important lessons have you learned from your school?

25 September          I have learned how to work in a group and cooperate.

26 September         Would you recommend your school to others?

27 September         Yes, I’m proud to be a student at FYK.