Living English Every Day – November 2019

A Favourite Subject

1 November           What subjects do you study in school?

5 November            I study Chinese, maths, D.T, and science.   

6 November            I also study geography, P.E, history, English, art and music.

7 November            What subject do you like the most?

8 November           I like biology although I’m excellent at design and technology.

12 November          Do your friends like that subject too?   

13 November          Yes, they do. They enjoy every single biology lesson.  

14 November          How is that subject helpful to you?

15 November          My goal is to become a scientist one day.

19 November          Have you ever attended any extra classes for that subject?

20 November        Yes, I have. I sometimes attend tutorial classes.

21 November          How long do you spend on that subject at home?

22 November          I spend roughly one hour per day studying biology at home.

27 November          How often do you learn that subject at school? 

28 November        I have biology lessons 5 times a week.

29 November        Who teaches you biology?