Living English Every Day – February 2020


4 February              Are you a big fan of fashion?

5 February              Yes, I am. I believe many teenagers are crazy about fashion.    

6 February              What style do you like to wear?

7 February               Well, my favourite piece of clothing is a hoodie.  

11 December           What do you usually wear on the weekends?

12 December           It depends on the situation, I usually wear casual clothes.

13 December           Do you have a fashion icon?

14 February             No, but I like the Korean fashion style at the moment.  


18 December           Do you create your own fashion style?

19 December           No, I’m not that unique. Most of the time I just follow street style fashion trends.

20 December           Have you ever attended a fashion show?

21 February             No, not in real life. I just watch them on YouTube.


25 February             What do people think of your fashion style?

26 February             That’s not important to me as I just wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident.

27 February            Is fashion important to people?

28 February           Yes, in my opinion as fashion can partly reveal who you are.