Living English Every Day – October 2020

Living English Every Day — October
6 October What do people like to eat at Mid-Autumn Festival?
7 October People like to eat mooncakes at Mid-Autumn Festival.
8 October What season is it now?
9 October
It is autumn/fall now.
13 October
What’s the weather like today?
14 October
Today is a __________ day. (sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, hot, cold)
15 October
How should I prepare for my Uniform Tests?
16 October
You should begin revising early and ask your teacher about things you don’t understand. 
20 October
How can I develop good study habits?
21 October Make a study timetable, revise regularly and form a study group with your classmates.
22 October
Should we also have some leisure time?
23 October Yes, leisure time is very important for students.
27 October
How can we keep fit?
28 October You can find a physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly.