Living English Every Day – November 2020


Living English Every Day – November
4 November The teacher forgot to turn on the computer.
5 November Type in your email address. I will send you an email.
6 November I can’t log on because I’ve forgotten my password.
10 November
The firemen put out the fire.
11 November
Please get on the bus. It’s leaving soon.
12 November
Get out your English books. The lesson is beginning now.
13 November Get off the bus at the MTR station.
17 November Make sure that you finish your homework every day. Don’t lag behind.
18 November If you want good results, you need to keep up with the class.
19 November
You need to hurry up and finish your work. The lesson is almost over.
20 November What time do you set off for school in the morning?
24 November
Tom is good at playing computer games. He likes to show off in front of his classmates.
25 November If you don’t sit on your chair properly, you will fall off (the chair).
26 November We laughed it off when the teacher forgot his password for the computer. (laugh off)
27 November Don’t put off your revision. Exams are coming soon. Revise every day.