Living English Every Day – January 2021

Living English Every Day – January
5 January What is a new year’s resolution?
6 January A new year’s resolution is a promise to yourself to do something better in the new year.
7 January What’s your motto?
8 January A new year, a new beginning.
12 January
May the new year be filled with happiness, health and peace!
13 January
The year ahead is full of love, prosperity and blessings.
14 January
In 2021, we need to kick our bad habits and develop some good ones.
15 January We should all look forward to a brighter future.
19 January My resolution for this year is to exercise regularly.
20 January This year I will eat less junk food.
21 January
I will learn to be more organized.
22 January My classmates and I will form a study group this year.
26 January I will do all of the chores at home.
27 January I am going to be kind to my siblings.
28 January I would like to improve my time management skills.
29 January I need to pay attention during lessons.