Living English Every Day – March 2021

Living English Every Day – March
2 March Do you prefer having lessons online or face-to-face?
3 March I prefer meeting face-to-face because it is easier to ask questions when I don’t understand something.
4 March Soon we can get vaccinated so life can return to normal.
9 March How do you spend your day at home?
10 March I do my homework and get physical exercise every day.
11 March What about play time?
12 March I set aside one hour for playtime on my timetable.
16 March Sometimes I find it difficult to get ideas when I do English writing. Do you have any suggestions?
17 March You should read more in your free time.
18 March You have to pay attention to current events.
19 March You might surf the Net to get some interesting ideas.
23 March What is your favorite season?
24 March I like Spring but sometimes it is too humid.
25 March I like Autumn because it is cooler and dry.
26 March I think summer is the best because I like to go swimming at the beach.
30 March Easter is more than just eggs and candies. It is also about peace, love and family.