Living English Every Day – April 2021

Living English Every Day – April
13 April Hit the books

Meaning: To study

e.g. It’s time to hit the books.

14 April Pitch in

Meaning: To contribute

e.g. Everyone has to pitch in.

15 April Face the music

Meaning: To accept punishment for something

e.g. You have to face the music if you have done something wrong.

16 April Rule of thumb

Meaning: A general rule that is accepted by all

e.g. The rule of thumb is to wash your whites and colors separately.
20 April Under the weather

Meaning: You aren’t feeling well.

e.g. I’m feeling under the weather. I think I’m getting a cold.

21 April Look like a million dollars

Meaning: You look very good.

e.g. You look like a million dollars in that dress!

22 April Cut to the chase

Meaning: to get to the point without wasting time

e.g. I don’t have time. Let’s cut to the chase!

23 April Keep your chin up

Meaning: You should keep a positive attitude even if you are sad.

e.g. Keep your chin up! You’ll find a job very soon.