Living English Every Day – February


Responses to Thank you

10_2_2014 A:     Thank you very much!

                      B:     Anytime. Forget it.

11_2_2014 A:     Thanks for your kindness.

                      B:     It was nothing.

12_2_2014 A:     Thanks. I’m really grateful.

                      B:     No sweat.

13_2_2014 A:     I don’t know how to thank you.

                      B:     Don’t mention it.

14_2_2014 A:     Thanks for all your help

                      B:     The pleasure is mine.


Being Extremely Tired

17_2_2014           I’m so tired I can’t walk straight.

18_2_2014           I’m exhausted.

19_2_2014           I’ve hit a wall.

20_2_2014           I’m beat.

21_2_2014            I’m running on empty.



Going Online

24_2_2014        Create a new account and you can enjoy using Facebook instantly.

25_2_2014        Just one click and you can add friends on Facebook.

26_2_2014        Send friend requests only to people you really want to friend.

27_2_2014        I wonder if we have any mutual friends on Facebook.

28_2_2014        I just received 50 likes after posting the pictures of my dog on Facebook.