Living English Every Day – April

Asking people to look at something

31_3_14            Check this out.

1_4_2014         Get a load of this.

2_4_2014         Dig this.

3_4_2014         Take a look at this.

4_4_2014         Feast your eyes on this.


Saying Goodbye

10/04/14            Have a safe journey.

11_4_2014         Time to go.


Saying ‘How are you?’

14_4_2014         How have you been?

15_4_2014         How’s it going?

24_4_2014         How’s everything?

25_4_2014         What’s new?


Answering ‘How are you?’

28_4_2014           Terrific.

29_4_2014           Not bad.

30_4_2014           I can’t complain.

2_5_2014             Pretty good.