Living English Every Day – September 2014

Welcome Back


A: Hi! My friends. How have you been this summer?

B: Not too bad.  But I was always busy with my assignments.


A: Hello! How are you?

B: The same as usual.  By the way, I have taken up a new sport.


A: It seems that you had a nice holiday then.

B: Yes, I’ve really enjoyed my holiday.

The Mid-autumn Festival

08-09-14   Today is the 15 of lunar August. Guess what? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

10-09-14     I love eating icy mooncakes.

11-09-14     I like playing paper lanterns with my friends.

12-09-14     I fancy eating out with my family.


New Year Wishes

15-09-14    What goals do you want to accomplish / achieve/ attain this year?

16-09-14     I will take a leading role in school basketball team

17-09-14     I will broaden my horizon by joining various extra-curricular activities.

18-09-14     I will recognize my weaknesses and wipe them out of my life.

19-09-14     I will set up a daily routine for my study.


Choosing extracurricular activities

22-09-14     What extracurricular activities would you like to get involved in / take part in /join?

23-09-14     Ann loves acting so much that she will join the drama club.

24-09-14     Jasmine wants to be an articulate speaker and she will join the debate team.

25-09-14     Paul likes to seek advancement in his character so he will join Junior Police Call.

26-09-14     Tom will join martial arts club though he doesn’t like violence.

29-09-14    Apart from lion-dancing, John has a great interest in Chinese calligraphy and he will join the calligraphy club.