Living English Every Day – October 2014


Handling Phone call Offering help

03-10-14            Good Morning. ABC Company. May I help you?

06-10-14            Mr. Smith’s not available. May I take a message for you?

07-10-14            I’m afraid that Mr. Brown just went out. May I get him to call you back later?

08-10-14            I’m sorry that Mr. White’s on sick leave. Would you mind calling back tomorrow?


Handling Phone call Asking for caller’s identity

09-10-14        A: Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Martin?

B: Sure. But may I have your name, please?

10-10-14        A: Hi. May I speak to Mr. King?

B: Certainly. Who shall I say is calling?


Handling Phone call Passing the call to someone else

13-10-14      One moment please. We are putting you through to my colleagues now.

14-10-14      Just a minute please. I’ll refer you to another department.

15-10-14      Please wait a moment. I’ve got Mr. Anderson on the phone for you.


Handling Phone call Asking caller to wait

16-10-14      Mr. Lai is coming. Please hang on a second.

17-10-14      I’ll see if Ms Jones’s in. Please hold.


Handling Phone call Asking for a contact

20-10-14      We will call you back later. Do you have a contact number?

21-10-14      We will come back to you as soon as possible. And your contact number would be?

22-10-14      We will inform you about the progress soon. Would you like to leave a number?


Handling Phone call Asking caller to repeat information

23-10-14      I’m sorry. Could you please repeat that again?

24-10-14     I’m afraid that I couldn’t quite catch you / get that. Could you repeat?


Handling Phone call Thanking the caller

27-10-14       Thank you very much for your call. I’ll make sure that Mr.Lee gets the message.

28-10-14       Thank you. Feel free to call again if you have any other questions.