Living English Every Day – November 2014

In a hotel making a reservation


A: Hi! Can I reserve a room?

B: Sure. Our rooms start at $1,000 for a basic room and go up to $2,000 for a standard room.


A: Which date do you want to check in?

B: I would like to reserve a room for this coming Saturday.


A: Is a single king size bed okay?

B: No, I want a room with two double size beds.



A: Do you want a smoking room or a non-smoking room?

B: I don’t have a preference.


In a hotel checking in


A: Good morning! Welcome to ABC Hotel. What can I do for you?

B: Hi! My name is Tom. I have a reservation for a single room.



A: Alright! Tom. Let me pull up your reservation.

B: Thanks. I have a reference number if that helps.



A: I don’t seem to find a record. Did you book through agency?

B: No, I booked it directly through you.



A: Your room is near the road. Do you want me to upgrade you to a business suite?

B: Sure. Please do it. I hate noise.



A: How much more is that upgrade going to cost?

B: That would be of course at no extra charge to you.



A: Does the hotel offer an in-room dining menu?

B: Sure. But we only serve breakfast.


In a hotel facilities & services


A: If you have any problems, please call the front desk.

B: I want a list of the hotel amenities like the gym and indoor pool.



A: Do you need a parking pass for your car?

B: No. I took a taxi from the airport.



A: Does the hotel provide any yoga course?

B: Yes, you may find a yoga mat in your room too.



A: I don’t want to wash my clothing.

B: Never mind. We have laundry services here.



A: I can’t leave my dog alone at my room.

B: Why don’t you try our pet sitting services?