Living English Every Day – December 2014

At the Salon getting a new look


A: Hi, I’m here for my 3 o’clock appointment.

B: Let’s go to my station. Tell me what you want.



A: May I help you?

B: My hair’s too long. I’m ready to chop it all off.



A: I want a new style.

B: Ok. Why don’t you tell me what you have in mind?



A: Can you use the clippers and give me a buzz cut?

B: Maybe I should start out by taking off the length.



A: Well. I was thinking about getting a perm and shorter bangs.

B: I’m not sure that would suit your face shape.


 At the Salon Haircut

08-12-14    Having a pixie hairstyle, you can stay boyish but still feminine.


09-12-14    I can’t live without my long straight hair.


10-12-14    Being tired of my long hair, I will cut it to shoulder length.


11-12-14    A cute ponytail is a great help when it is extremely hot.


12-12-14   The boys like spiky hair a lot.

At the Salon ─ Hair-styling



A: You will look great as a red head.

B: That’s too extreme.  I like to try some highlights first.



A: My hair is a bit dry.

B: I’ll use a moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair moist.



A: How did you style my hair?

B: I used a light styling mousse to shape your hair.



A: How could I make my hair stiff?

B: You can use a gel and then try the hairspray.